Why own a land or house property in Lagos, Nigeria

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Why own a land or house property in Lagos, Nigeria
Let's check out the housing and real estate in Lagos, Nigeria. In this post we tend to explain the reasons why we should buy or own a land and house property in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Lagos is a major African financial center and is the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. Lagos is also among the top ten of the world’s fastest growing cities. Lagos is the center zoom for everyone in Nigeria. All companies in Nigeria have their head office and own lands and house property in Lagos.

The special thing about Lagos and reasons why you should own land or house property in Lagos is that it is the sixth-largest city in the world by city population, and is known for its beach resorts, nightlife and activity. Lagos is no man's land, it accommodates everyone no matter your race, class, black or white, region and religions. Lagos a home for business and center of business in Nigeria. Major goods coming into the country pass through Lagos before being transported to other locations in Nigeria. Buying Property in Lagos, Nigeria is a choice you won't regret, because whatever purpose you want to use your property for, you are assured of achieving it.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Land or House Property in Lagos, Nigeria:

The reasons why you should choose to own property in Lagos are:

Housing in Lagos

In Lagos there are no limitations to the kind of house you will build. You can build and own any kind of house property you want and can afford. Lagos state hosts the tallest building in West Africa, NECOM house towers and it is 160m above the city. One of the best places you should own a house or home property in Nigeria is Lagos. You have everything at your fingertips, it’s cost effective, and a good road.

Connectivity between Island and Mainland

One of the reasons you should own a house property in Lagos, Nigeria is its connectivity to different locations. The island is perfectly connected with the Mainland, there's no difficulty in meeting people, and you can easily meet with someone in location. The mainland is connected with the island by Bridge named Third Mainland Bridge. The Third Mainland Bridge which connects Lagos Island to the mainland was the longest bridge in Africa measuring 11.8 km until 1996. Built by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, the official name of the bridge is Ibrahim Babangida Bridge. So don't be scared of buying land or house property in Lagos.

Economic Activity and Opportunities

Reason why you should buy a house property in Lagos is its economic opportunities and activities. Lagos handles the majority of Nigeria's imports. Located in the Southwest beach line of Nigeria, Lagos port is responsible for processing 80% of goods in Nigeria. This port is also mentioned as one of the top 10 in Africa.

On economic opportunities, there are chances for people to improve their standard of living through employment. There are employment where people work to receive a regular wage and are assured certain rights e.g. paid holidays, sickness leave. Wages are taxed. In Lagos there is also employment that has to do with people working without the official knowledge of the government and therefore without paying taxes. Lagos is a very zone for everyone to come and do business. Your land and house property is ever appreciating, there are available people to rent any house you build.

Strategic Positioning

Lagos is positioned perfectly for all kinds of people no matter your race, color, region and religions. That's more reason you should buy or own a land or house property in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is located to help people travel anywhere. People that want to go out of Nigeria, come to Lagos first, from there they travel out. Lagos is the tech hub of Nigeria, it is the greatest ICT center in Nigeria. Lagos houses major large and big businesses in Nigeria, big and small organizations have their base in Lagos. This makes Lagos perfect for anyone to reside, and perfect to own a property.

High Population

Lagos High population is an advantage why everyone in and outside Nigeria should come to buy or own land and house property. Lagos is one of the world’s major cities and is the most populous city in Africa, ahead of Cairo. Lagos City in Lagos State is Nigeria’s largest city and its economic capital. According to a 2014 report by the National Population Commission of Nigeria Lagos is the 7th fastest growing city in the world, with a population of 21 million. Lagos is a MEGACITY, with a population of over double the required 10 million people. Because of the large population, owning a land or house property in Lagos, Nigeria is something everyone should go after. Your return on investment is sure, and investment is secure.

Social Opportunities

Social opportunity is one of the reasons why everyone should choose to own property in Lagos. Chances for people to improve their quality of life, for instance access to education and health care

Means of Transportation

Lagos has all the means of transportation available. Transportation cost is cheap, this makes it good for everyone to move from one location to another easily. There are many transportation companies in Lagos. Because of the ease in transportation, it’s good to own a land or house property in Lagos, Nigeria. It also has a major airport and is connected to other Nigerian cities via railway and road links.

Availability of Industries

Lagos houses big and small Industries, creating room for job opportunities, which makes people all over Nigeria to come to Lagos to resident, making real estate and property business to be lucrative. No matter the kind and amount of house property available, there is available population to take it all. Lagos Islands southwest shore has commerce, finance, administration, and education. Manufacturing industries in Lagos include automobile and radio assembly, food and beverage processing, metal works, and the production of paints and soap. There are also textile, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A fishing industry also exists. A major port area exists at Apapa.

Physical Geography

Lagos has a good physical geography. The physical Geography of Lagos is dominated by its system of islands, sandbars, and lagoons. The islands are connected by bridges and the land is low-lying. Any kind of development or business you want to do, you have right geography for it.

Entertainment, Tourism and Leisure

Lagos is a home of Entertainment, tourism and leisure. Is in Lagos that majority of entertainers, comedian, actors and actress in Nigeria reside. Any kind of tourist center you want, Lagos has it. Lagos is a good location for leisure, it has the right facilities you need for your leisure. Lagos has beautiful hotels, etc. This makes Lagos valuable to buy or own a land and house property in Nigeria.

Unlike other states dependent on oil revenues Lagos City economy is diversified to manufacturing, transport, construction, service, wholesale, and retail sectors. Lagos is one of the most important cities in Nigeria and indeed in Africa, both economically and culturally. Its Geographic location is very significant, as it is on the Atlantic coastline of Nigeria allowing for excellent trade routes. Everyone both in abroad and home should come and buy land or house property in Lagos Nigeria
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Why own a land or house property in Lagos, Nigeria

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