Why choose to own a land or house property in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

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Why choose to own a land or house property in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Let's talk about real estate and property in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

We can think of a million and one reasons to own a land or house property in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Aside from the fact that the city is populated, and is a beautiful place to live in, with different cultures, there is so much going on that will make you choose to own a land or house property there.

Port Harcourt is a prime real estate area, often sought by people who want both an airport, seaport, education, oil, farm, business and job. The city is easily accessible with good roads and other amenities. So, why choose to own a land or house property in Port Harcourt, well, we will find out soon

The city attracts thousands of tourists a year, making it one of the most prominent cities in the country in terms of visitor popularity. Below are the reasons why you should own a land or house property in Port Harcourt

- Presence of Airport
- Presence of Seaport
- Business environment
- Presence of Institution
- Presence of Industries, oil and multinational firms
- High Population
- Strategic Positioning
- Transportation and mobility
- Low cost of living and Ability to save
- Housing in Port Harcourt
- Job Opportunities
- Social Activities
- Culture and kind of people living there
- Healthcare
- Water supply and sanitation

Presence of Airport

The presence of airports is one of the reason why everyone should choose to own land or house property in Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt has international, local and military airports, Port Harcourt International Airport and Nigeria Air Force base are used by commercial airlines for flights. The presence of these airports makes it easier for residents to fly in and out of the State.

Presence of Seaport

Port Harcourt has two seaports which are FOT Onne and Port Harcourt Wharf. These seaports brings lot of people into Port Harcourt. The presence of these ports is a reason why investors should come and buy houses, land in Port Harcourt. Import and export is easy.

Business Environment

People should rush to own land or house property in Port Harcourt because the city is a good business environment. It's a city that houses and has the ability to house any kind of business. High Population is a good advantage. And because of this merit alot of persons trop into Port Harcourt in daily bases.

Presence of Institutions

Port Harcourt is a home for many basic, tertiary and higher institutions. There is Federal, state, and private universities. Also federal, state and private nursery, primary and secondary schools. You see why you should own a land or house property in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Presence of Industries, Oil and Multinational firms

The city has many industries, oil, gas and multinational firms. People all over the world visit Port Harcourt, the city houses oil, gas and industrial workers. Owning house property in Port Harcourt is something what it.

High Population

Port Harcourt is inhabited by large number residents. People of different tribes, religions, race and color. The city is no man's land. Whoever you are, you can own a land or house in Port Harcourt.

Low cost of living and Ability to save

The cost of living in Port Harcourt is quite low, and you can actually save while staying in the city. There is the rumour that Port Harcourt is a very expensive city and things are not really cheap, this is not really true. The standard of living is still a little lower than in such cities as Abuja and Lagos and aside from that, food items, clothing, and transportation is quite affordable.

Job Opportunities

There are lot of job opportunities in Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt has many businesses, industries, construction and other companies. From large oil companies like AGIP, MOBIL to a list of multinationals, the number of companies that have set up offices in Port Harcourt city is absolutely endless. It’s a home where everyone should ever think of owning a land or house


Port Harcourt is the leading hub for medical services in Rivers State. Many healthcare facilities including hospitals and research facilities are located in Port Harcourt.

Water Supply and Sanitation

Port Harcourt has good Water Supply and Sanitation facilities which is aimed at delivering sustainable water supply to the people of Port Harcourt.

Housing in Port Harcourt

In Port Harcourt there are no limitations to the kind of house you will build. You can build and own any kind of house property you want and can afford. One of the best places you should own a house or home property in Nigeria is Port Harcourt. You have everything at your fingertips, it’s cost effective, and has good road.

Transportation and mobility

Port Harcourt city has good transportation and mobility facilities. You do not necessarily need to have a car when living in Port Harcourt since there are easy and well-organized transport system. The transport in Port Harcourt city is so great, the commuters are calm and enter their choice of a transport system in an orderly manner. Even better, you can literally walk everywhere, you are secure and safe.

Culture and Kind of People Living there

The reputation of the Port Harcourt people for being hostile to visitors is misdirected. The city is actually populated by friendly, helpful and open-minded citizens. Port Harcourt, Rivers State is also rich in different culture. Almost every local government area in the city has its own unique culture and you can learn a lot about people as you immerse yourself in it. We know you will love to own a land and house property in Port Harcourt.

Strategic Positioning

Port Harcourt city is perfectly positioned for all kinds of people and business. Its helps people for easy travelling, Port Harcourt is tech hub area, the city is one of the biggest IT place in Nigeria. Owning a land and house property there is just perfect for everyone.

Social Activities

Social activities in Port Harcourt city is huge. Nightlife in the city is superb, a home to hundreds of pubs and bars, embracing diverse music scenes, Port Harcourt city is a great night out 7 days a week. There are hubs, joints and hotels. With numerous live events hosted weekly, you’ll be sure to catch your favorite band on one of the nights. People in Port Harcourt city love shopping and as such, you’ll be spoilt for choice with boutiques and Malls strategically positioned around town.
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