How to lock a door without a lock? And keep your home safe

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How to lock a door without a lock? And keep your home safe
When you buy or own a home, how to keep your house or home safe is the next. Doors keep unwanted guest away, and it creates security for the valuable resources inside. For those reasons, there is a lock in the door. Sometimes this lock may get damaged due to technical issues, weather, and other reasons. We may not have time for a locksmith to arrive. In that case, we can use these simple hacks to lock a door without a lock.

How to lock a door without a lock

Knowing locking a door without a lock is essential when you don’t have time for repairs, and you want to keep the safety of house or home. Also, sometimes when you buy a house or home some doors have locks only from one side. In that case, you may need to lock the from outside which does have a lock. In all cases, these hacks are useful.

a. Using a barricade

This method only works when you want to shut away a door from inside. Furthermore, this is the most common way of locking a door without a lock. You can place some heavy object in front of the door to make the door unopenable. Then you can remove that when you want to go outside.

Keep in mind that this method only works when you want to shut away the door from inside. Imagines, you use a barricade from outside. The person who wants to enter your house can easily remove that. So, this only work inside.

b. Using a wedge

Many people use this method to lock doors without a lock because it requires less effort. Home improvement shops sell commercial wedges for a lower price. Otherwise, you can create a DIY wedge using cardboard or a hard martial. If you are buying one, always buy a wedge which made of rubber which can prevent slipping.

Even the wedges are cost-effective, easy to apply and remove, there are many cons. Wedges alone cannot handle a considerable force comes from outside. So, you can’t go to sleep peacefully using a wedge to lock the door. Additionally, wedges are only effective to lock from inside.

c. Using a fork

Sounds funny, right? Yes, when you buy or own a house you can lock the door without a lock using a fork. First, get a metal folk with a flat handle. Let’s begin.

All doors are not in the same size. So first you have to bend the prong according to the size of the door. Some doors need forks with long prongs. After sizing the prongs, break off the handle of the fork. After that, slide the handle in between the prongs. Like this video shows, insert the fork to the door and close it. Now your door is secured.

But this won’t hold if there is a high outside force. To sum up, this can only be used as a temporary solution.

d. Buy portable lock

This is most useful for travelers. Travelers face many problems because of the door locks in the hotels they have to stay. So, most of them buy a portable lock. These are lightweight and small. But it can save your stuff even the lock is jammed. You can carry them in your bag or pocket easily.

e. Using a chair

Most of us are already using this method due to its simplicity. If you can find an office chair that you can change the height, this method works perfectly. Also, this only work with doors which have a lever. Simply adjust the height according to the height of the lever. Then, place the chair under the lever. When outside person tries to open the door by moving lever, he/she will find that the door is locked.

But this is also not capable of holding higher force. Additionally, this can be only used to lock a door from inside.

f. Using a security bar

This is the most efficient way to lock a door without a lock. But this also works when locking from inside. You can buy a security bar from sites like Amazon, or you can make a DIY security bar. All you need is two holders and one unbreakable bar. This acts as a permanent solution when your lock is not working properly.

g. Using a door chain

This is another cool and easy method to lock a door without a lock. You can easily buy a door chain form home improvement shop for a low price. It acts as a permanent solution. If you set it right, it can face higher forces too.

How to lock a door from outside?

All the above methods work when you want to lock from inside. Those tips mostly help travelers and people who are in a hurry. When you want to lock a door from outside, DIYs don’t work well. In that case, you should immediately call the locksmith to fix your door. Otherwise, you can set an extra lock to lock the door.

But if you want a lock a door of your bathroom or other room, you can apply the above methods to shut away the door without a lock. But never use the above method to lock your main door from outside. For outside, use a temporary lock from the shop. You can easily set that if you have a hammer and a few nails.

Yes, there are the tricks to lock from outside. But focus more on the valuable things you have inside. If a the lock failed, you would lose everything. So, for outside, always go with permanent solutions.
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